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As a post-doctoral researcher my research efforts are focused on the development of a research program organised in accordance with the Medical Research Council’s Framework for Complex Interventions. The program will focus on three strands: i) older people in their own homes and in nursing homes, their quality of life, and health-related quality of life in relation to physical and mental health and the testing of quality of life instruments suitable in this population; ii) evidence-based nursing practice and the implementation of such practice; iii) methodological issues, particularly experimental nursing research and mixed methods. Outside the programmatic research I am also engaged in educational matters particularly European nursing PhD education, academic writing, critical thinking and appraisal


I am a registered nurse and I defended my PhD thesis  ”Quality of life among older people, their experience, need of help, health, social support, activities and sense of coherence” in 2005 at Lund University, Sweden. 

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