Tove Lindhardt

About Tove Lindhardt

Research areas:

  • The frail older patient

  • Family care

  • Participation/empowerment

  • Collaboration between health care sectors

Research methods:

  • Development and testing of measures

  • Phenomenology

  • Content Analysis

  • Complex intervention studies

Through EANS in a research collaboration with 10 European countries on collaboration between relatives of frail older patients and nurses in acute medical wards.

Interested in research collaboration on the above mentioned research areas.


RN specialised in ICU-care, later converted to geriatrics. Practiced nursing in Denmark, Norway and The Middle East. RN from Denmark, Master of science of nursing from Oslo University, Norway, an PhD from Lund University, Sweden. Liscensed coach in Denmark and Norway.

Completed the EANS PhD-programme in 2005. Now a scholar.

Research areas: See above (under About yourself).

Extensive teaching and consultancy experience, among others, from activities in my own company selling these services to all sectors of the Danish health care system.

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