About Maria Adriana Henriques

In the recent past I was a member of the Board and Administration for seven years at the School of Nursing Artur Ravara which includes the Lisbon’s Nursing School.
Now, I coordinate the Master of Community Nursing. I am the master’s thesis advisor in this area of knowledge, in nursing care and in particular the elderly, qualifying caregivers for self-care of chronic illness(diabetes and cardiovascular disease and safety with medications or falls.
I am a Member of the Scientific Committee of The Doctoral Programme in Nursing of the University of Lisbon.

I am an investigator in ui&de(Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa)  and collaborator in iMED.UL/ Faculty of Pharmacy of Lisbon.


Now I am coordinating a research project in ui&de to define the profile of caregivers of elderly people,  identifying needs and nursing interventions and define a programme of nursing intervention  for elderly people in community.
 My interest in research :
- elderly people care ;

- Effectiveness  of nursing interventions on adherence to medication regimen for the elderly.

- Primary care and Public health

I am an expert in quantitative research methodology and I have much interest in complex interventions in nursing.


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