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Anne Eskes, RN PhD

Present day, I am working as post-doctoral researher, teacher and coordinator of the center of expertise (ACHIEVE -

Since May 2014, I was given the opportunity to start my own research line. After a pre-orientation year I started focusing on interdisciplinary wound care. This research line is embedded in the research line of ACHIEVE focusing on interdisciplinary wound care in Complex Patients.

I am particulary interested in:

  • wound care;

  • interdisciplinary care;

  • evidence based practice (in general);

  • complex, multifaceted interventions.



Nursing experience

I followed the dual variant of the higher professional course in nursing (HBO-v). During this study, the first two years were identical to the full-time variant. From year three till year four I was working in the Gelre Hospitals in Zutphen. Afterwards I combined working as a nurse on surgical and non-surgical nursing departments in different hospitals with the Master of Science in Evidence Based Practice.

Research experience
During my nursing study, Evidence Based Practice aroused my interest. I completed the Master of Science at the University of Amsterdam. After receiving my MSc-degree I worked as a research assistant for the research group of the department of Quality Assurance and Process Innovation at the AMC. During that period, I had the opportunity to pursue my own topics for research. This resulted in several first-author publications and the start of an official PhD-traject.
In December 2012, I finished my PhD thesis. Overall, this thesis is a compilation of efforts to contribute to the body of knowledge in wound care, the promotion of research utilization and evidence based decision-making, and a set of core competencies required for specialized wound care nurses. After obtaining my PhD-degree, I was responsible for the coordination of the internships in science in the Kennemer Gasthuis and Spaarne hospital (also a STZ hospital). Furthermore, I was (co)supervisor of three master’s theses for the scientific master in Evidence-Based Practice at the UvA.


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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Health
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1005 BD


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