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I am a Swedish PhD and school nurse. My research focus on sleep and media habits in school aged children, and school based mental health programs (we are evaluating the Swedish version of the Coping With Stress course).



Dr. Pernilla Garmy is employed at Kristianstad University and has obtained her PhD at Lund University in 2016. Her supervisors are Professor Agneta Berg and Dr. Eva Clausson at Kristianstad University, and Associate Professor Ulf Jakobsson at Lund University. Her thesis concerns how depression can be prevented in adolescents using systematic school-based interventions. She also has an interest in sleep and media habits in school-aged children.

Pernilla Garmy has been a registered nurse since 1998 (Lund University) and completed a one-year training in children's health in 2002 (Malmö University). She has a bachelor of arts in history of religions, and a master's in nursing science (Lund University). She has worked at the Children's Hospital in Lund (1998–2002), as a lecturer at Malmö University (2009), and as a school nurse in Lund (2002–2012). She received the School Nurse of the Year award in Sweden in 2009.

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