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I currently work as an assistant professor in mental health at Trinty College Dublin. I spent 15 years in London working in inpatient units and community mental health teams delivering psychosocial interventions to people with serious mental illness, their families and carers. I am passionate about making improvements in services to individuals and significant others and believe this can be achieved through fully involving people who use services in all aspects of developments in policy, practice and education. I also believe that all therapeutic activity should be supported by sound, rigorous evidence. My PhD research sought the views and experiences of people with severe mental illness living in the community and the findings provided policy, practice and educational recommendations. I was awarded a two year Trinity Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2010 and examined the mental health service experiences of LGBT people living in Ireland.


My background is mental health nursing. I studied in Scotland before coming to London to work. I worked in the East End of London among people who experience psychosis. In order to enhance my knowledge anad skills in the field, I enrolled on a Psychosocial Interventions Programme at the Institute of Psychiatry. I then completed an MSc in mental heath (sex therapy and medical anthropology). My theses centred on intimate relationships in people with psychosis and Turkish speaking women experiencing psychological distress. I became Thorn Course Director and embeded all of my research into undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. At Trinity, I am the lead for developing Interdisciplinary Family Work in the University and for the local health care providers.

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