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I am a mental health and psychiatric nurse, lecturer at the University of Madeira and a Nursing PhD student at the University of Lisbon.
I am developing my PhD project which aims to develop an intervention program to promote expressive family functioning in families with adult members with depression. This intervention program is based on the Calgary family assessment and family intervention models and will be built according to the Medical Research Council framework for the development and evaluation of complex interventions (campbell et al, 2000; craig et al, 2008) and to the Proposed criteria for reporting the development and evaluation of complex interventions in healthcare - CREDICI (möhler et al, 2012).


I have a degree in Nursing and I'm a mental health and psychiatric nurse. I have a post graduate degree in Systemic Intervention and Family Therapy and a Masters Degree in Communication in Health. I worked for twenty years in hospital care and fourteen as a Nursing lecturer at the University. I am currently developing my PhD project at Lisbon University.

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