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Maria Eulàlia Juvé-Udina is a Registered Nurse, educated in Care of BMT patients (NHS / NCI_London), Master in medical-surgical nursing, Diploma in Qualitative Research , Diploma in Health management and leadership (U.California/Berkeley), Master in Leadership and Management of Nursing Services and Doctor in Nursing Sciences (University of Barcelona).
From 1990 she worked as a ward nurse in different medical/surgical units. Until 1996 as a ward and clinical nurse in oncology/haematology and intensive therapy. And then, as nurse support  manager in the development of nursing care standards, quality, education and learning and finally research and knowledge management. From 2005 she is the Nurse Coordinator of the Catalan Institute of Health Hospitals, directing the COM_VA project on clinical expertise, the ARES program aimed to harmonize care plans for critical, step-down and ward in-patients among hospitals and coordinating the implementation of the electronic health record systems and the clinical information management systems.
She is the author of the ATIC Terminology, a nursing interface controlled vocabulary for the electronic health record systems.
She has been associate professor in various Nursing Faculties. At this moment she teaches research methodology in different university postgraduate programmes. She is the coordinator of the Nursing Research Group at IDIBELL Institute of Biomedical Research. 
Author of the books “Enfermería Oncohematológica” and "Plans de cures estandarditzats per malalts hospitalitzats"; she is also contributor in other publications. She has published papers in national and international journals and acts as a  peer-reviewer for Journal of Nursing Scholarship and other international nursing journals.


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