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Meticulous, organized, but impatient. 


Graduated from ISEI (Institut Supérieur d'Enseignement Infirmier), in Belgium, as RN, specialized in Critical Care, and worked in CCU, ICU and ER for a total of 10 years.

Studied in Université catholique de Louvain and got my Masters in Public Health degree, then worked at the same University as a coordinator of the Clinical Pathways Network, the french speaking branch, known as RIC (Réseau Itinéraires Cliniques) for 1 year. The Network regroups about 20 hospitals in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. 

Since September 2012, I am employed as a research assistant in UCL and I started my PhD at the same time, my thesis is about the interprofessional collaboration between the GP and the ER teams and the continuity of care for their patients in Belgium. 


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