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Over the last ten years in my position as professor my work has included interdisciplinary collaboration and leading the construction of new research environments. The first research environment I initiated and led the construction of was the Centre for Rehabilitation Research (1998–2003), which is even today a research environment unique in Sweden. Later, as Professor of Nursing at Örebro University, I constructed and led a research group concerned with quality of life and care interventions for people with chronic diseases and those close to them (2003–2006). Parallel with this I was given the task, as research director, of constructing and leading the interdisciplinary research school Health, Care and Value at Örebro University.

Then followed a period as dean and academic leader at Jönköping University, where I was responsible for the development of the Research School of Health Welfare and also of the Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare, a co-operative body seen as unique both nationally and internationally. Working together within the framework of the Academy are all four schools within the Jönköping University Foundation, Jönköping County Council and all 13 municipalities in the county. For me the development of the Academy was a particularly important step in the light of the fact that quality issues in health care are high on the agenda internationally as well as nationally.

During the last two years I have been working as a professor and director of the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences, Lund University.

In addition, have comprehensive experience of supervising PhD students. Have been supervisor for 19 PhD students who have completed their doctoral dissertations. Currently main supervisor for 5 PhD students. During the past three years, I have to an increasing extent acted as mentor for new professors and for persons with PhDs, who acting as assistant supervisors.


Registered nurse 1972, Lecture in Nursing 1978-1993, PhD degree 1994, Associated professor 1999 and Professor 2003.

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The Swedish Institute for Health Sciences, Department of Health Sciences
Lund University, Box 187
SE-221 00 Lund
Skane, Sweden
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