About Connie Bøttcher Berthelsen

I'm currently employed as a clinical nurse specialist/ post doctoral researcher in the department of orthopaedic surgery, Regional Hospital of Sealand, Køge.

My main interest of research is relatives to older patients in orthopaedic care and during the next three years I'll be following the MRC-framework to investigate spouses’ involvement through case management in older patients' fast-track treatment programmes after total hip replacement.


I started my career as a registered nurse in 2003 and became Master of Science in Nursing in 2007 and a PhD in Nursing in 2013. My Ph.D. dissertation is based on the Glaserian grounded theory approach, where we generated three grounded theories of relatives, patients, and health professionals’ pattern of behavior, respectively, in relation to relatives in older patients’ fast-track treatment programmes during total joint replacement. The theories explained the complexities of relatives’ involvement in older patients’ fast-track treatment programmes, where  relatives are subsidiaries in respect of the older patients’ self-determination and adapt  to the health professionals’ environment at the hospital.

During my Ph.D.-study I attended the EANS summer school for three years and I was recently apointed as scholar. 



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