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I am professor of Health Sciences at the Medical Faculty at Lund University, Sweden and currently also the Pro Vice Chancellor of Lund University


My research is related to the health, health care and social service and the health problems of elderly people, mainly the oldest old. Also the focus of the research has been on informal caregiving and the knowledge transference from formal to informal caregivers. The research span from epidemiological studies, in-depth studies and surveys and experimental studies to test the knowledge derived from cross-sectional and epidemiological studies. I have been the main supervisor of 26 RNs obtaining a PhD in nursing science. I have published more than 190 peer reviewed papers in international scientific journals and also I have served on several funding bodies in Sweden as well as internationally. I have been the president of the European Academy of Nursing Science and in that position participated in developing a program for doctoral students in Europe, fellows and Scholars to improve the knowledge building, knowledge that has the power to inform evidence based nursing practice. In this respect I have also participated in the discussion about nursing research and its capacity to build scientific knowledge that can be implemented into practice

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